Can I cast from a Pogoplug Device or Pogoplug Cloud?


The only officially supported method of streaming media to your TV is by downloading the Pogoplug Cast Software. While streaming media from your Pogoplug Device or Pogoplug Cloud may work, it is not recommended. For the best possible experience using Pogoplug Cast, you should download the Pogoplug Cast Software here: If you are an existing Pogoplug PC user you can use your Pogoplug PC software to cast media to your TV, however, you must either start a 30-day trial of Pogoplug Cast or purchase an additional lifetime license to Pogoplug Cast to continue to cast media to your TV using Pogoplug PC. Pogoplug Cast is available as a paid upgrade only.

Please note that while we don't currently prevent you from streaming media from your cloud or Pogoplug Device, these methods of streaming media to your TV are not officially supported and you may experience jerky playback, be unable to load videos or experience other issues. If you are streaming media via these unsupported methods our support team will not be able to assist you and you undertake these activities at your own risk.


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    Amos Lantz

    does this only work with chromecast?

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