Which information can be migrated?


Aside from the mobile device Contacts list, the Migration feature will scan for photos (including screenshots) or videos that can be seen in it's gallery and have been created by the device camera:

  • On Android, Migration will look into the DCIM/Pictures folder
  • On iOS, Migration will look into the Camera Roll application folder

Also, during the final stages of the Snapshot testings, an exception related with .mov files created by iOS devices was found.

On cases where the application creates a 'Backup' snapshot of iOS devices (iPhone/iPad), and later restored to an Android device, videos that uses .mov formant might not get recognized by the Android Media Player. Once the application completed the 'Restore' process, such files may be accessible over the mobile device file browser, although they might not play on Android OS native player.

The only way to work around that would be accessing such files over a 3rd party Media Player (e.g. Mxplayer).



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