How do I stream music?


In, you can find your music files by browsing through 'Files' or the Music tab. Under the Music tab, you can browse files according to Artist, Album, Genre, and Song. On that screen you can also view and edit existing playlists.

Browsing files through the Music tab


To add songs to your queue, select “More Actions” and Add selected songs to queue, or use the drop-down menu by clicking on the “Down” arrow while hovering over a file. The player is located at the bottom of your window. To view your queue, simply click on the song name on the bottom left side of your screen, and then on the drag box on the right:

2.png             3.png

To stream music in the mobile app, go to Music and browse according to Artist, Album, Genre or Song. Select a song and the player will launch.

Browsing through Artists and playing a song

 4.png      5.png      6.png


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