Pogoplug Backup v 5.1.4 Release Notes


Happy Monday, Pogoplug users! We are happy to announce Pogoplug Backup v. 5.1.4 for both Mac and Windows is now available. Update when prompted or download at pogoplug.com/download.  A list of bug fixes and updates follows after the break.


v. 5.1.4 for Mac

This latest update fixes several issues with Pogoplug Backup software for Mac users running Mountain Lion:

  • Finder no longer hangs on Mountain Lion trying to load a service that cannot be reached.
  • Mountain Lion no longer experiences a kernel error when Pogoplug Drive tries to mount multiple services under the same name.

v 5.1.4 for Windows

  • Pogoplug Backup no longer starts over after restarting the computer or logging out.
  • Backup operations that were previously “stopped” no longer automatically restart themselves upon powering on or logging out of your computer.
  • You are now able to shutdown or log out of Windows XP while Pogoplug Backup is running


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