Pogoplug PC & Team Updates v1.1.3


As of June 25, 2012, Pogoplug PC and Pogoplug Team v. 1.1.3 were available for download. This download fixed a number of bugs. 

The following changes were made to this version:

- Localized in Korean
- Improved Japanese translations
- Smoother file creation
- Fixed bug where Pogoplug PC did not start after installation on some Mac computers
- Correct timestamp when uploading via Pogoplug Backup or Pogoplug Drive to Pogoplug PC on Windows
- Installing Pogoplug Team of Pogoplug PC will not remove PC links from Start Bar
- Music metadata will be removed when a song is deleted
- Movies with Japanese characters in the title will be stream-able on WinXP

Thanks for all of your feedback. We work hard at Pogoplug to constantly improving our products. If you have any feedback about the newest release please contact feedback@pogoplug.com.


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