Web App & Backup Software Release v5.1.3


Check out our slick new online look and new features including Drag and Drop Uploading on my.pogoplug.com!

Web App at my.pogoplug.com. This release included the following improvements:

- Now drag and drop to upload files in web app with browsers that support HTML5
- Brand new service plans to accommodate the needs of both businesses and families — Team, Team+, Team Pro, Family, Family+, Family Pro
- Archival storage with any Team or Family plan with Amazon Glacier
- Cleaner, easier to navigate web UI
- New Rewards and Referrals program

Pogoplug Backup v 5.1.3 release notes. Download at pogoplug.com/downloads. This release included the following improvements and bug fixes, and it was released on September 7, 2012:

- Fixes an issue where Pogoplug Backup would switch to high powered graphics card on some Macs
- Clicking “Sign in” link from signup screen now takes you back to sign-in screen
- Can now open Terms and Conditions in Pogoplug Backup
- Fixes an issue with some Mountain Lion systems interaction with Pogoplug Drive
- Fixed an issue where multi-drive mode in Pogoplug drive would sometimes cause a blue screen on Windows 8
- Backup now starts automatically upon login on Windows
- Pogoplug Backup “are you sure you want to quit” dialog now opens in the foreground when you quit Pogoplug Backup on Mac
- Pogoplug Backup now shows the entire path and filename of the file being backed up


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