Web UI v4.5.3 & Cloud Update v4.5.0.12


Pogoplug’s Web UI v 4.5.3 and Pogoplug Cloud are also live. The changes included bug fixes and other improvements and was released on July 19, 2012:

- Team accounts no longer block sub-users for Biz devices
- Can now add existing users to more folders when maximum number of users has been reached
- New option to disable pre-caching for media filters to improve performance upon login and browser refresh
- Improved performance for sub-users of Biz devices
- Accessing blog from footer of signed in Japanese web app now links to Japanese blog
- New account from Add User invite is now in Japanese when invite sent from a Japanese account
- Can now view “Enabled Links”
- Can now create Active Copy in IE8
- Background images now load at pogoplug.com in Chrome if set to Japanese and Chrome is relaunched
- Signing into account without a Cloud no longer forces you to have Cloud
- Can now Add User to the root of a drive on a Family account
- Mount points no longer remain on Pogoplug for drives that have been ejected
- Pogoplug Family now available in Japan
- Pogoplug Biz: Custom UI setting-”Show media filters for Team administrator” now apply
- pogoplug.com/ja/signin now redirects you to pogoplug.com/ja/view when you are already signed in
- Japanese translation fixes
- New reference guides for Pogoplug Family


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