Android App v4.2.1.0


Released on July 19, 2012.  Pogoplug App for Android v . Download down at Google Play. This release includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

- Improved performance
- Allows users to select a sub-folder for auto-import
- Allows Team and Family users to use auto-import against a Team Folder
- Auto-upload flow for team users: create ‘Mobile uploads’ as the default upload destination folder
- Allow users to choose a folder or use the default when initiating upload from another app
- Cached sessions for faster startup time
- Dashboard is now the startup screen
- New and different thumbnails for mime types (+css, +html)
- Shows a progress circle while loading an image
- Enabled sending link of a file just uploaded to a shared folder
- Fixed several bugs causing app crashes
- Enhanced delete
- Create new folder appears in menu options in photo-view
- Auto-Upload will not start if user changed default destination when auto-upload was not active


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