How do I increase the Archival Storage Space of my Account?


Enabling Archival Backups is a great feature for subscribers to our Family plan.  Once you have backed up your files from your computers and mobile devices using our free Backup Software, you may enable archiving, which duplicates those files into an off-site secure cloud, ensuring that your important documents and family photos remain safe in case of disaster or physical damage to your device.  Archival storage is meant to be a secondary storage option for duplicate copies of files; you must already backup your computers using our Backup Software in order to use it.  If you want to learn how to set up such a backup, please watch this video.

Pogoplug Family subscribers may access 100 gigabytes of storage; Family + users get 300 GB, and Family Pro users have a full terabyte.  

However, if you were to run out of the off-site archival storage that comes with your subscription plan, you must upgrade to a higher service tier in order to continue to archive your files.  To do this, please visit and sign in.  Alternatively, you may visit to learn more about each service tier option.

If at any time you wish to monitor your archives and view how much storage you have remaining with your current plan, please sign into your site and click Archive along the top menu bar.


Here you may check archive statues, delete the archives (in order to free up more space), or restore an archival backup.  You may also see your remaining archival space to the right of your screen.  In this case, only 52.6 MB of 2 TB have been used.  


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