How often is my data Archived?


After installing our free Backup software all selecting which folders to back up, our software will automatically check for changes within those folders and continue to back them up in real time.  Our software provides one-way backup and never deletes files on your destination drive or partition.

Once you have selected which folders to back up to your Pogoplug account, you may opt to archive several or all of those backups.  For information on what archiving is and how it works, please visit this article.  As soon as you establish an archival backup, the contents of the selected folder or drive will duplicate themselves to an off-site, secure cloud.  Once this initial sync is finished, our archival backup software should scan the selected folders every 60 seconds in order to check whether there have been any changes to the source folder (e.g., files added, files renamed, changes made to files). If it finds any difference between the source and the destination, it will start syncing again.


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