How to create a second copy of your important files in our off-site cloud?


Archiving allows you to backup all or part of the data on your Pogoplug device to a secure, off-site cloud storage in just a few clicks. It’s an automatic, continuous, and flexible way to keep your files twice as safe! After you set up archiving, any changes you make to your original folder will be reflected automatically in your copy.  It is a convenient feature that offers additional protection for your files in the case of natural disaster or physical damage to your Pogoplug.  

To start an archive backup, click on the folder or drive that you wish to backup to an off-site cloud, and then select “Enable Archive” from the drop-down menu to the right of it:

The folder will automatically begin to duplicate itself to an off-site cloud. This will ensure that your precious family portraits, home videos, and work documents will always remain safe with multiple copies in different locations.

You may check the status of your archive, pause it, or disable it by simply clicking the archive icon next to the folder or drive in question.  You may view all of your active archives by clicking “Archive” within the side menu:

Once an archive backup has been established, any changes made to the root drive will be replicated in the destination cloud.


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