How to Enable Sync


To owners of a Pogoplug device, we offer the ability to mirror information from that device to another device (or another hard drive) set up in a separate location.  This feature is attractive to many of our users because it creates a second copy of their data in a second location; in the case of natural disaster or physical damage to their first Pogoplug, their information will not be lost because they may easily access the second copy of it from the alternate device.

To back up files on your Pogoplug account to another location, go to and sign in.  Once there, click Settings in the top right corner of the screen.


Along the left side of the screen, select Sync.




In Sync Settings, click “Enable Sync,” and select the folders that you wish to duplicate.  You may select as many folders as you want.


Click “Next,” and select the destination for your second copy.  This can be either a second Pogoplug device or another hard drive attached to the same Pogoplug device.  Click “Finish” and you’re all set! When you make changes to the files in the original folder, those changes will copy over to your duplicate folder. Now you can easy knowing that no matter what happens, your files are safe.

Our Sync feature is currently not compatible with Pogoplug Unlimited Cloud subscribers.  With Pogoplug Cloud your files are securely stored in our cloud and there is no risk of hard drive failure.


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