How To Enable Your Folders for Access with Pogoplug PC


Pogoplug PC software lets users access folders on their computer(s) from their Pogoplug account. As soon as you add a folder, you’ll be able to reach it by logging into or using our free mobile app.

Here’s a brief step-by-step guide for using Pogoplug PC to enable folders on your computer for access from your Pogoplug account.




Here is Pogoplug PC, sad and lonely because it is not being asked to enable any folders. When you open Pogoplug PC, it will prompt you to add to your “Enabled Folders,” a list of folders you can access from your Pogoplug account.

Today, I chose my Pogoplug/Cloud Engines folder, where I keep a lot of files for work, the contents of my desktop, and some of my audiobooks. I enabled them for access by clicking the ‘+’ button and selecting them from my computer.




As soon as I add these folders, I can log into my Pogoplug account in any Web browser and view or share the content of these folders. I will also be able to access these files using Pogoplug’s mobile apps for Android, iPhone® or iPad®.

(Note: In order to see folders shared with Pogoplug PC on or your mobile device, the computer hosting them must be turned on and Pogoplug PC enabled.)




Pogoplug PC software also has a My Cloud tab, which lets you view all your Pogoplug-enabled drives and see how much space you’re using in each. Additionally, from My Cloud you can choose to associate your computer with a different Pogoplug account.




If you haven’t tried Pogoplug PC, you can download free for 30 days on our software page. After that, it’s just $29.95 to purchase


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