How To: Pogoplug Drive


If you’re as tied to your Pogoplug as I am, you want to be able to access it as quickly as possible. Pogoplug Drive, a feature of Pogoplug Backup, is the perfect solution, letting you manage your Pogoplug drives straight from your desktop.




Pogoplug Drive mounts all your Pogoplug devices, and your user folders to your desktop. To enable Pogoplug Drive, open Backup, go to Preferences --> Pogoplug Drive and select ON.




You can now move, copy, and download files to or from any of your Pogoplug drives without even opening the application. Although all our features are speedy, Pogoplug Drive is the one that provides instantaneous file transfer.




It’s also a great way to manage files that aren’t stored on your computer. If you have a large external drive connected to a Pogoplug device, Pogoplug Drive lets you quickly view and manage the files stored there from your desktop.

When I want to send my friend a bundle of files—some documents, a video I’d taken, the song I recorded on GarageBand—Pogoplug Drive makes it simple and easy. I selected the files, drag and drop them into my personal Cloud, and within a minute, I was creating a link to send to my friend.





To try Pogoplug Drive for yourself, download our free Backup software.


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