How to Email Attachments to Your Cloud?


There is a little-known but awesome Pogoplug feature that lets you email attachments directly to your Pogoplug Cloud.

I appreciate it because when I send an attachment, that’s usually a sign that the files in question are important—so why not store them securely online?



You can enable this feature by signing into your Pogoplug account, then going to Settings > Email Attachments and checking the box. Just include among your recipients, and your attachments will automatically upload to your Pogoplug account.

If you’d rather upload your attachments elsewhere, you can change their destination to any of your Pogoplug devices or computers with Pogoplug PC installed. Additionally, you can specify a folder within your Cloud, device or Pogoplug-enabled computer to be the destination for your attached file.


 Okay, now you’re ready to attach. Make sure that you email! Next thing you know, your email attachments will show up in your cloud.



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