What is included in a Pogoplug Family Account?


Admin Account: Pogoplug Family is set up through a single Admin email account, and that administrator has privileges that are not obtained in 'User' accounts. The admin can add or remove users, see all files and folders, and make changes to the account.

User Accounts: Users are added by the 'Admin' and can upload and download files and share links. Their privileges are managed by the admin. Pogoplug Family comes with 3 users, Pogoplug Family+ comes with 5 and Pogoplug Family Pro comes with 7.  If you need more than 7 users, please click here learn more about Pogoplug Team or contact sales@pogoplug.com.

Offsite Archival Storage: Pogoplug Family backs up all of your data to Pogoplug-connected hard drives, and once this is done, users may opt to protect their most critical files by archiving a second copy securely in our offsite cloud. Pogoplug Family comes with 100 GB of off-site storage, Pogoplug Family+ with 300 GB and Pogoplug Family Pro with 1 TB.  


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