What is the Difference Between Family, Family +, and Family Pro?



Pogoplug Family is the only backup solution designed for families.  

It combines the best of at-home and online backup by empowering you and your family to store an always-available copy of your photos, music, videos and documents at home with our award-winning Pogoplug storage device, while also safeguarding a second copy in our off-site, secure Archive.

There are three different tiers of Pogoplug Family.  Pogoplug Family includes up to three users, a free Pogoplug Classic device, and 100 gigabytes of off-site archival storage.  Family Plus includes up to 5 users, a free device, and 300GB of offsite storage. Finally, Pogoplug Family Pro includes 7 users, a free device, 1TB of offsite storage and phone support with our dedicated customer service team.


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