My USB 3.0 externally-powered drive will not mount


As there are quite a few types of external hard drives out there, some of the externally powered USB 3.0 drives may not mount according to the standard sequence of actions instructed by Pogoplug. In such cases, there's a suggestion that may work around this state.

Here's what you'll need to do, to try it out:

1. Power-off your Pogoplug device and disconnect any hard drives attached to it

2. Connect your hard drive to the electricity outlet using its power cord

3. Once the drive is on, connect it to the Pogoplug Device over the USB cable

4. Connect your Pogoplug device to the electricity outlet using its power cord

5. Wait a few minutes for the drive to load and for Pogoplug to index it

At this point, try accessing the drive by logging into the webUI (


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