Connected drives spin rates and power supply


Q:    Is there a timeframe that puts drives into a low power cycle spin rate?

A:    Pogoplug itself does not currently actively spin down the drive.  Many external enclosures or drive firmware will spin themselves down.  Many of these USB enclosures come with tools from the manufacturers to adjust this spin-down time or disable it completely


Q:    Does this inactivity period vary between the different Pogoplug devices?

A: Because of Pogoplug not actively spinning down, the device type doesn't do anything different.  The Enclosure on these devices may be configured differently though.


Q:    How much power do the Pogoplug Devices use in their low power state and when they are being actively used?

A:    Pogoplug draws less than 5 watts of power by itself.  The drive attached to the pogoplug should be separate specified by the manufacturer of the device.  Pogoplug is able to provide enough power to it's attached drives to meet the USB specifications.


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