Do I need to change my network settings to make Pogoplug work?


Pogoplug is designed to work seamlessly with consumer-grade networks and should not require any changes to your local network. To avoid any unexpected network errors, it is recommended you use the following default setup:

  1. Network Configuration: I.S.P Modem -> Router -> Pogoplug
  2. Make sure DHCP is enabled on your router
  3. Enabled unfiltered UDP traffic on your network, including your I.S.P.
  4. Enable Dynamic DNS on your network. If your computers don’t require any special DNS settings, you likely already use Dynamic DNS

Note: Your Pogoplug must be able to access the following URLs and ports inbound and outbound: (TCP), (TCP) and (UDP). If you use a network firewall or proxy, please configure your network to accept these URL’s and ports.

If you still experience a problem, you can check if the Pogoplug device receives an IP address from the router's DHCP server. In case the device does not get an IP address, it may be due to some kind of mechanical issue.


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