I bought an “open box” Pogoplug. Why can’t I activate it?


Each Pogoplug device is linked to an individual user account. Since the Pogoplug service is designed to be private and secure, once a Pogoplug is associated to an account, it must be “unregistered” before it can be transferred to another account. 

To transfer a Pogoplug device, you should contact the original owner and ask him or her to sign in to my.pogoplug.com, click Settings, and then click Unregister next to the name of the Pogoplug. Once this is complete, you can go through the normal activation process to activate Pogoplug at pogoplug.com/activate.

The only way to unregister a Pogoplug device is to contact the original owner and have him or her unregister it. For security reasons, we cannot unregister a device for you. We take the security of customer data extremely seriously, and were we to unregister a device erroneously, in the case of theft, for example, customer data could be exposed or lost. We have no way of verifying a second-hand purchase, so we cannot unregister devices on behalf of second-hand owners. 
If you cannot contact the original owner of the device, unfortunately there is nothing we can do. For this reason, we recommend that if you buy a Pogoplug device second-hand, you verify with the seller that the device has been unregistered prior to completing your purchase.


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