Why does Pogoplug say that my hard drive is not available?


If you have attached an external drive and your drive is not listed when you view your Pogoplug Cloud, there are several possible reasons why your drive is not immediately available:

  1. Pogoplug may be checking the attached disk for errors; this is usually performed quickly but can take longer depending the quantity and size of the files.  This process is necessary to minimize the risk of data corruption and to ensure the drive mounts properly.
  2. Indexing your files—Pogoplug creates an index of your drive’s contents when you first attach it. Again, the amount of time this takes depends largely on the amount of data stored on the drive. Indexing allows you to search for files, use filters (like Photos or Music) and see file sizes.
  3. Transcoding your media—By default, Pogoplug transcodes your media which involves three steps: 1) Music- any available metadata is scanned and indexed. This allows you to filter your music by artist, album, genre, etc. 2) Photos- Thumbnails and timelines are created 3) Video—This allows you to stream the video on my.pogoplug.com and optimizes files for your mobile device.

Your Pogoplug is designed to consume very little energy. Seamless access to your attached drive(s) may be unavailable until the above processes are complete.

If you are still unable to access your connected drives, try the following:

  1. Log in to www.pogoplug.com and safely eject your drive(s) using the eject button next to the name of your drives. You can do this from the home page or the settings page.
  2. Power down your Pogoplug with attached drive(s)
  3. Physically detach your drive
  4. Power up Pogoplug and wait for a solid green LED
  5. Physically attach your drive(s)


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