Why is the LED light on my Pogoplug yellow, orange or red?


The solid yellow, orange, red LED indicates your Pogoplug device cannot contact the Pogoplug service.  Please power down your Pogoplug with the drive(s) still attached, then physically detach your drive(s) before proceeding with the following troubleshooting steps.

  1. Your connection issue could be resolved with something as simple as a different Ethernet cable. Please substitute a different Ethernet cable and try a different Ethernet port on your router. You will need to power cycle Pogoplug to refresh the network connection attempt.
  2. If this fails, look for your Pogoplug in the list of DHCP clients on the status page of your router. Look for an unnamed device with the same MAC address as on the bottom of your Pogoplug. (Note: a MAC address looks similar to aa:00:bb:99:cc:88)
  3. If your Pogoplug is assigned a DHCP IP address, you are most likely experiencing an issue with your I.S.P.’s DNS server. We recommend entering a static entry in the DNS server field(s) of your router’s basic Internet setup page.  We’ve had good experience with and  You can find more addresses by searching “fast free DNS server” on a search engine.  You will need to power cycle Pogoplug to refresh your network connection.


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