I tried a clean restart and Pogoplug says my drive is still not available?


If your hard drive remains unavailable, it may be the result of system inconsistencies. The easiest way to resolve these inconsistencies is to:

  1. Log in to www.pogoplug.com and safely eject your drive(s) using the eject button next to the name of your drives. You can do this either from the home page or the settings page

  2. Power down your Pogoplug with attached drive(s)

  3. Attach your drive(s) directly to your computer

  4. Scan the drive for errors:
    • For Windows users: open My Computer and right click on the hard drive, then select properties.
      Select the 'tools' tab, then under 'error-checking' select 'Check now...' (Check Fix filesystem errors checkbox only).

    • For Mac users: Start the Disk Utility, highlight the icon representing your drive and click the "Verify" button and, if needed, the "Repair" button.

  5. Once complete, safely eject your drive(s) and power cycle your Pogoplug and wait for a solid green LED on the front of the Pogoplug.

  6. Reattach your drive(s) to Pogoplug.


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