How do I activate my new Pogoplug device?


Please follow these instructions to get your new device up and running:

  1. Connect the device to a power outlet.
  2. Connect the device to your router using a standard Ethernet cable.
  3. Wait for the front light on the device to show solid green.
  4. Log in with your credentials at http:/ in order to activate the device.

After the device has been activated, connect a USB external drive to your Pogoplug device and wait for the light to turn solid green again.

Your Pogoplug device should now be ready. In order to manage your files and access them from your computer, please download our free Pogoplug Backup software and Mobile apps at

In case there is an error with the activation, which states that the device has already been activated, you should follow instructions on the following page :

Once they unregistered the device, you can proceed with the activation sequence.



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