How do I view & download files shared with me?


Pogoplug offers a great way to share your family portraits, old holiday videos, favorite songs, and work documents.  You may send your Grandmother pictures of her latest visit just the same way as you may send that important PowerPoint presentation to your boss.

However, what if another Pogoplug user wishes to send you documents from their account?  If they are a Family or Team subscriber, they may add you to a specific folder or drive. If they are not, they may easily create a link and share that URL with you privately:

Once you receive an email with the included link, simply click on it.  Depending on the format of the file shared, you will see a screen similar to this one:


If this is an image file, you can click on a file to see a preview of it.  From within the preview, you may download that specific file by clicking on the arrow in the top middle of the screen.  To close the preview, click on the X in the top right corner:

If you wish to download all of the files shared with you at the same time, click
Download on the screen that displays the entire folder shared with you.  A ZIP file will begin downloading immediately.


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