Can I Store my Files Without an External Hard Drive?


Pogoplug offers a number of options for users who wish to avoid the use of hardware in their backup setup.


Cloud storage

Our Unlimited Cloud plan offers as much space as one could ever need with no maximum file upload sizes.  This is a great option for users with incredibly large document or media collections.  Right now we are offering 5 GB free to any users who wish to try out Pogoplug before committing.


Pogoplug PC

Our Pogoplug PC software effectively turns your computer into a Pogoplug device, allowing you to remotely access the files on your computer from wherever you are.  You can learn more about it here or try a 30 day trial.


Family and Team plans

Another way to enjoy our services without a device is to upgrade to one of our service plans, such as Pogoplug Family or Pogoplug Team.  Those plans allow you to add more users to your account, among other great and unique features!



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