How do I share with Pogoplug?


Instantly share anything in your Pogoplug account through email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can also create shared folders and give friends and colleagues access and upload privileges.  Share your files instantly by signing into your Pogoplug account at or using our free mobile apps.


When hovering over a folder, it will be highlighted, and some grey icons will appear on the right side.
There are two options for sharing files of folders with Pogoplug :


Get link / Shared link :

Sharing is done through a public link.  Any person who receives it, can see the files and folders in it. Clicking on will create a URL link that looks similar to this :, which makes it hard to simply type it in.


An alternative option is to check the box next to the desired file or folder, and click the "More Actions" tab along the top menu bar.  From there you can select "Get Link", and you are again presented with various sharing options. Best of all, the recipient does not even need to have a Pogoplug account in order to view and
download your sent files.

Add user:

Certain plans has are eligible to add users securely to a specific folder. This way, only a user who was granted access to this folder, and has a Pogoplug account, will be able to enter and see the files inside it.

If you wish to add a user to a folder, click on the and enter the email address of the person you want to share with. If this person already has a Pogoplug account, he will see this added to a library called Team Folders. It will appear on the left panel, next to his other devices or cloud, under the ‘Files’ Tab.

A user who does not have a Pogoplug Account, will receive a free account with nothing on it, but access to this folder, which will appear under Team Folders.


The number on the icon shows how many users has access to this folder:


* This method applies only to folders



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