How do Pogoplug products work together?


Pogoplug’s products are designed to work together seamlessly :

Pogoplug PC lets you access and share the files on your computer wherever you are.

Pogoplug devices bring the contents of any attached hard drive or SD card online.

SafePlug is using Tor project in order to provide you with a safer private browsing from the devices on your local network.

The Unlimited Cloud plan allows our users to store as many files as they desire in an off-site, secure cloud.  This unlimited option is compatible with a Pogoplug device; pairing them effectively turns the cloud into another drive option for storing files.

Pogoplug Team Cloud is a premium service available as an upgrade that lets small to medium-sized businesses access and share files from a branded interface. It provides an authorized access to the Unlimited Cloud to all other users under the administrator’s account.

A 1-way Sync is available between devices which allows an ongoing backup from one hard drive to the other, no matter where they are located, as long as they are connected to one or more of the Pogoplug Devices on your account. The Cloud Sync is a feature which backups an entire hard drive with a click of a button (also requires a Pogoplug device).

Pogoplug Family is another premium service that allows you to guarantee protection of all of your family's files. It offers Archive Backups directly to an off-site cloud storage option.  

Sign in at (or your team’s customized URL) and download our free Mobile apps for Android or iPhone to access and share all your files from any device, anywhere.  

* Every device and subscription can work as a standalone but can work together for an improved Pogoplug experience.


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