What makes Pogoplug different from other cloud storage solutions?


Pogoplug provides a Personal Cloud you can touch. You can access your files from any browser, smartphone or tablet, but your files stay safe at home or the office on your Pogoplug-connected hard drives. With a Pogoplug device, you may attach as many external storage drives as you wish and grow your own cloud according to your needs.  Pogoplug’s secure and private cloud storage solutions include Pogoplug PC, Pogoplug devices and plans such as Pogoplug Family, Plus & Pro.

In addition to these offerings, you may opt to join our Unlimited Cloud or Team Cloud users, who enjoy as much off-site, secure cloud storage as they need.  There is no file size limit for documents or media files uploaded to your Pogoplug account, so you never have to worry about not fitting all of your important documents into your cloud.


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