How do I stream to my Xbox360, PS3 and other UPnP media players?


Pogoplug devices allow you to stream your photos, music and videos to compatible media players such as the XBox360 and PS3.  To enable this feature on your Pogoplug device, click on Settings and then Media Settings.  Enable the option Stream photos, videos and music to your PS3 and Xbox 360.



Streaming support using Pogoplug is enabled using a subset of UPnP, though not specifically DLNA. We do not use UPnP to explain streaming support because our implementation of UPnP does not makes changes to your network, opening ports and such.

We specifically mention streaming support for XBox360 and PS3 and the Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ because we have optimized for their interfaces. While the UPnP protocol we enabled should work with UPnP clients, we only guarantee compatibility by way of actual testing on XBox360, PS3 and Seagate FreeAgent Theater+.


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