How does transcoding work?


When connecting a drive to your Pogoplug device for the first time, or when uploading files to the cloud storage from your mobile app or from your computer, the files on the attached drives (or cloud) go through a process of transcoding and thumbnail generation (unless this option is disabled by the user through > choose media from the left-side bar).

This process creates a more friendly user interface and allows for smooth and fast streaming. Transcoding takes place only once for each new file the Pogoplug device recognizes. The length of the transcoding process depends on the amount and volume of media files on your drive.

At under Settings --> Media, you can find the queue for the media files being processed. As long as file processing is taking place, access to your drive may be slower.

If you wish to skip these processes, you can manually change the relevant options under Media:

  1. Optimize your videos for playback
  2. Create media meta-data (such as music album art)
  3. Generate photo and video thumbnails
  4. You can choose to enable transcoding again at any time


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