How to control my shared content?


Next to each shared link in the share dialog, you have four options to help control how you share. Select “Options” next to the share link and you can:


  1. Allow Uploads: If you are sharing a folder, you will have the option to allow the people you share with to upload files.

  2. Allow Downloads: You can allow or prevent the files you share from being downloaded. The people you share with will be able to view previews but won’t
    be able to download.

  3. Display Social Sharing Icons: Pogoplug share URLs allow those who view them to easily share to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Disable this option for more private sharing.


  1. Assign Password: To further secure your share link you can add a password. People will only be able to view this link after entering the password you


  1. Disable Link : Removes the link and makes it inaccessible anyone


You can also add a custom message by selecting “Advanced” under “Email this link”. You can change subject line as well as the email content.


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