What is included in a Pogoplug Team Cloud account?

  1. Single Administrator Account: Pogoplug Team Cloud is set up on the admin’s computer, which has privileges that user accounts does not obtain. The admin can add/remove users, and access/view all files and folders.

    Admin can also customize his web interface in terms of colors, company logo, shared links and customized email notifications.

  1. User Accounts:  Sub-Users added by the admin can upload / download files and share links. Their privileges are managed by the admin. The minimum amount of users for a Team Cloud account is two but after that you may add as many users as you wish for $5/user/month or $50/user/year.

  2. Unlimited Cloud Storage:  Your account comes with unlimited storage and the ability to upload files of any size. Photos and Documents can be previewed and Music and Videos can be streamed via your web interface at my.pogoplug.com or your Pogoplug Mobile Application.


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