How do I add files to my Pogoplug Cloud account?


There are several ways to upload files to your Pogoplug, so you may choose the way you find most convenient for you. You may upload files directly to your account from <>. Select the arrow icon from the top menu bar to upload individual Files.

You may also upload multiple files at a time, by dragging and dropping them into your web interface. To upload files to Pogoplug using drag and drop, simply select a file or multiple files on your desktop and drag them right into your browser window just as you would move files locally on your computer.




In addition to uploading files from your web browser, you may add photos and videos from you mobile phone using our mobile apps from either iOS or Android. Once you have opened up our app, go to Settings and view your upload preferences. You can have your new photos and videos automatically upload whenever you are WiFi, on WiFi and 3G or turn automatic upload off.




You can also use Pogoplug Backup software to upload files. The software can be downloaded from here and will allow you to perform continuous backups to your account while additional changes like edit or rename will also be automatically saved. For more info, please review additional knowledge base articles on this subject:>


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