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Folder structure for the xbox 360 and dnla devices

Mor suggested i put in a request for bringing the folder structure back for streaming to a xbox360 or dnla device.  My Iomega mediaplayer as the exact same problem as the xbox 360 that its one list instead of a folder structure.  I won't put my television series on the pogoplug classic since then the list while be a complete mess.  This is very annoying. 

I can't believe its 2013 and one of the basic thing for streaming to devices is to have a folder structure.  How difficult can that be? There is another thread with the same problem dating back a couple of months.  I only paid 29€ for the pogoplug classic on Ibood so my options are still open to get a decent NAS.  But i like the pogoplug service and idea.

Kuang Soan1979

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