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Will a powered USB hub work?

Don Gilbert
posted this on April 05, 2013 07:22

I have a GoFlex Net Media Sharing Device for a few years. It's all maxed out. I tried to connect a Belkin powered USB 2.0 Hub to it and it doesn't work, not recognizing drives connected to the hub.

So I'm looking into buying a Pogoplug Series 4. But I need to know a couple of things...

Can I run both GoFlex Net Media and Pogoplug 4 at the same time, using one interface on the computer?

Will my USB hub work on the Pogoplug 4?



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Dominick (Frank) Issi

You're missing the idea of the Series 4. It has two powered USB connections built in. You connect the Series 4 to a router … not your computer. Keeps everything "clean". I'm running one 500G USB2 HD and one 1.5T USB3 (preferred as the Series 4 is USB3 capable. You can individually mount part of your computer HD individually to the Pogoplug cloud … but why bother?

April 06, 2013 00:27
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Don Gilbert
What I meant is, suppose I have 4 external hard drives I want to connect to Series 4 and it only have 3 USB plugs, can I use a USB hub connected to the Series 4 for the extra external hard drives?

Sorry if I wasn't clear.
April 08, 2013 08:09
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Also, I recommend reading the user review of pogoplug series 4 on amazon, cnet, walmart etc... Usually at least half of the reviewers give it poor ratings which it rightfully deserves.

April 11, 2013 14:51
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Dominick (Frank) Issi

I'd really NOT listen to IMO. He's like a broken record but repeating something not reproducible. I've been discussing various subjects with others on this forum and he seems to be the only one with his problems. I've given him a couple of ideas but I believe he knows not of what he speaks … and I'm NOT an employee of PogoPlug. I'd try your proposed setup, but I don't have a powered USB port … or 3 USB drives. Sorry!

April 11, 2013 21:28
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Oh wow, here come the fanbois/employees to defend the poor quality products they are accustomed to.  Low standards may be perfectly fine for you but when I buy something that CAN'T even do what it's advertised to do I don't just bend over and take it like yourself.

Dominick of course I sound like a broken record, POGOPLUG STILL DOESN'T WORK, the problems I have documented, shown screen shots as proof in many different threads. And reproduced dozens of times... Let me see if the "processing" issue still exists... YUP, great, that makes the mirroring function worthless so that also exists.  Just copied itunes for the 4th time last week and that failed, but hey it's not reproducible even though it's constantly reproduced in multiple environments.  I keep giving him proof yet he continues to live in denial, as he will with this post and all the factual data I've posted before.

Fortunately you can see what people really think of pogoplug by visiting any of their retailers that have reviews like, walmart, target, amazon, etc , you can see all the POOR reviews and 1 star ratings pogo constantly receives.  

April 12, 2013 10:18
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Dominick (Frank) Issi

IMO - You can complain and flail all you want. I'm reporting what I see. I agreed with your assessment of the "processing". Never figured out just how or what is doing it. Did you ever attempt to access the folder I put up as an example? Others did with no download problems. I did the same with their systems and no problems. My whole point … unless your put a load on your system like going to another user for download to see if you experience the same problem on your system downloads, you haven't a leg to stand on. Sorry … Get back to me when you've done so.

April 12, 2013 14:08
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How does the fact that you were able to share a folder have anything to do with the processing that takes a QUARTER OF A YEAR or longer to complete that is documented by multiple users.

Yay, you can share a folder.  Does that mean that the processing problem does not exist? Nope.  Now try to use the advertised mirroring function, you can't because it has to finish processing..  

There are multiple problems with this thing, you getting one feature to work is VERY impressive but does not disprove anything.

Failed straw man argument.

April 12, 2013 14:14
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Dominick (Frank) Issi

IMO - I'm not dismissing the "processing" … but you've made claims about simply accessing the system. Inability to read through the directory, repeated disconnects, slow or inability to upload/download files.That's the reason I offered access to a folder and files on my personal system for YOUR trouble shooting use. I've had 33 students download 1.6G of files with no problems from my attached USB2 drive. I'm guessing you've not even attempted to see if the files I offered you as a test were impossible to download-speed wise? That'd be the first test of the network you've built.  I'm beginning to understand that you'd rather be difficult than be an "honest broker" in this and other discussion. If I'm wrong … tell me your success at accessing my system and/or how long, if at all, downloading any of those files took. 

April 12, 2013 15:10
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How does that disprove any of the claims I've made? 

I didn't even test your folder because I assumed you would not be foolish enough to post something that does not work.  Does the fact that can share a "Military Video" folder does not prove the pogoplug can index and manage thousands of .mp3 / jpeg / .psd files like it claims to.

The fact that your students downloaded 1.6G of files does not negate the horrible reviews and experiences that half the users complain about.  It's hard to find products hated as much as this paperweight.

It's just a "random fluke" that I've had the pogoplug disappear from Finder and so have other people, even the pogoplug has lost the drive before, reported by me and other people.  I guess we're all making it up together? It's just a diabolical plan that I put into motion years ago by travelling across the united states and creating thousands of accounts with different IP address and leaving negative reviews about how this thing DOES NOT WORK.

Even by your own admission to the processing problem this doesn't work, because the mirror feature is cued so unless I'm manually ending processing tasks everyday on the pogo I will never be able to use the advertised feature.

Not to mention that browsing on this thing is slower than cat excrement when you are browsing directories vs browsing a regular networked drive on another mac on the LAN.  

Even OSX's TIMEMACHINE is incompatible with this "OSX Compatible" door stop.

April 12, 2013 15:33
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Dominick (Frank) Issi

Thanks for the feedback IMO. Understand your personal system is "fluky". Understand that your system is slower than "cat excrement". Understand that you're upset your finder continues to crash on Pogoplug. I bought a DLink DIR-651 and couldn't, no matter what I did, get my OSX to interact wirelessly with my HP Photosmart 7510 wirelessly. I replaced it with a new ASUS AC66U and my system now works beautifully. No one (DLink or HP) HelpDesk reps could figure the problem. Since I understand you can't access ANYTHING externally on your system, I offered a quick check for you to attempt to link to another Pogoplug system NOT on your network. I, from my university, can linkup to my home system ON MY iPhone 5 (or MacBook Air) and quickly access ANY files on either Pogoplug USB drive. I can also, via LTE connect to my M4V movies and WATCH them on my iPhone5 (or MacBook Air). This is using the PogoPlug App.

But … to throw back at you:

I've got over 69G of music … all accessible

I've got over 20G of Jpeg … all accessible

I've got over 100G of video … MOST accessible

… and It takes me less than 5 seconds to access most files from the "Pogoplug" attached "Device" or 10+ secs from using the "Web Access".

But I've come to the conclusion that you'd rather "caterwaul" about your disdain for Pogoplug rather than actually do some quick troubleshooting. Any reason you continue to "lurk" on these forum discussions? I'm here to learn and seriously discuss issues/troubleshooting techniques and solutions. AND you're here to … ? Besides attempt to ridicule and "bad-mouth" successful users or dissuade new or prospective users?

April 12, 2013 17:12
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The only reason I still come here is to interject the truth about pogoplug when delusional hypocrite fan boys like yourself lie about the pogoplug and mislead customers to buy a worthless paperweight and pretend it works when YOU ADMITTEDLY AGREED TO THE "PROCESSING" PROBLEM.  There's even other processing video problems in these forums and other problems ADMITTED BY POGOPLUG, you cannot deny that they exist.

All my macs are 2011 and 2012 models, but yeah, sure they're "really slow", sure they are.. They are ONLY slow when browsing pogoplug drives.

Yep that can be the only logical conclusion... The problem can only exist on my side. Negative reviews of the pogoplug everywhere this thing is sold but it can't be the fault of the pogoplug, it MUST be the... router, mac, hard drive. 

I have 3 macs, guess what, it's not the macs, they work PERFECTLY doing everything else.

2 different routers, again, NO PROBLEMS

3 different hard drives, WORK GREAT (except when connected to one of my pogo plugs)

My network runs fine, I have a MCP in TCPIP , Network + and Cisco training good luck with that theory.

I've posted screen shots and proof that this doesn't work multiple times, you can only stick your head in the sand so long and willfully act ignorant. Everyone can see my screen shots and my other data.

I can tell you that pogoplug can easily take up to 30 seconds to browse a directory or even time out. I could give you video evidence of this and you'de still pretend it wouldn't exist, I don't know if you work for Pogoplug, maybe you have family members or stock in the company, who knows, who cares.  The problems I have with pogoplug are real and echoed throughout the internet on sites like amazon , cnet, walmart, target, jr, newegg.. but let's pretend that doesn't exist, let's just listen to the fan boi with the anecdotal experience vs THOUSANDS of angry customers.

April 12, 2013 18:01
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Dominick (Frank) Issi

IMO - Since I don't agree with your findings … and evidently mine are pretty much the opposite of yours (except for the Processing problem) … you're actually going to call me a liar? That's certainly "rich"! Accusing me of being tied to Pogoplug … really?! I take exception to your personal attack. Sorry you can't figure out how to make your system work. Glad at least your Macs work! Bottom line … I like the Pogoplug system and you don't, so guess we can part ways knowing that you'll continue to attempt to swayed people to NOT buy it due to all the problems you personally encounter on YOUR system… and I'll tell folks that it's a good product and that it works GREAT on MY system. Sayonara!  :-)

April 12, 2013 21:59
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Mike Antonucci

To IMO, and most especially anyone else reading this.  Lots of products get bad reviews at Amazon, Newegg, etc, as well as at this forum, and at the WD media player forum where I am a frequent contributor.  What is interesting about this forum versus the WD forum, is that the WD forum has been around a lot longer than this one and it is chock full of experienced users helping others.  A few times each day a "noob" will post his first msg about problems he is having with his new media player, and all too frequently the person says it's the WD player's fault, he set it up right -- he did everything right and nothing wrong.  Often they say that WD puts out a faulty product, and they are going to trash it in a review at Amazon, etc. etc.   Well, you can't fool the resident experts at the forum,.and the person gets called on it by more than one forum member.  One guy, a week or so ago ,got so pissy with forum members that the whole message thread got deleted by the moderator.  Yesterday, the guy reappeared and 'fessed up to his bad behavor, apologized to the forum and to WD for how he acted and for things he said, because he found out that he indeed had things set up incorrectly.  This is not the norm, and those of us who remember the incident "gave him forgiveness" and are letting bye-gones be bye-gones.

So, before I get too off track, the point I want to leave folks with is that when I see bad reviews, I take it all with a grain of salt, and in most cases I just think that here is another person who doesen't know what he is doing, yet he trashes the product.  Pogoplugs and WD media players (and lots of other products are not always easy to set up) and can frustrated people trying to do so.  That said, I am not saying that IMO hasn't got a problem with his Pogoplug, but for crying out loud he could at least discontinue harping on it and spoiling the scene around here for others.  I suggested he write to the CEO of Pogoplug about his issues, but he has not said that he has done this so far.  Get a frikkin' exchange of the unit if you think the device is bad!

April 12, 2013 22:43
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The only one who should be apologizing is pogoplug for selling a device that cannot do what they advertise, I have absolutely zero guilt calling them out on their negligence of releasing such a buggy device.    You're no resident "expert", you gave "tips" on how to solve the problem that were totally irrelevant.  The WD forums have nothing to do with faulty pogoplugs, irrelevant. Don't want or care for your forgiveness, I'm right, I posted proof, you admitted to the processing flaw and you continue to pretend it doesn't exist.  Mind you have I have TWO pogoplugs so this is not some fluke like you pretend it is.

Of course every product can have bad reviews, but rarely do you see one such a high % of bad reviews like the pogoplug. 40% NEGATIVE rating for the two current models pogo4 and pogo mobile on amazon. 

"That said, I am not saying that IMO hasn't got a problem with his Pogoplug,"
Well actually you did say that.

"But for crying out loud he could at least discontinue harping on it and spoiling the scene around here for others."
I will continue to accurately tell people about my negative experience with it, why wouldn't I?  That somehow offends you?

"I suggested he write to the CEO of Pogoplug about his issues, but he has not said that he has done this so far.  Get a frikkin' exchange of the unit if you think the device is bad!"
Can you read? I DID EMAIL THE CEO, he is a Coward who won't reply in the forum and that email address YOU listed doesn't even work, I even posted the bounced servermail header in the SAME thread. As for writing a physical snail mail letter, not happening.

Get a frikkin' exchange of the unit if you think the device is bad!
Sure, pogo can send me a new paperweight if they want, I'll try it, doubt it will work properly.  I have 2, I doubt it would make a difference. 



April 12, 2013 23:01
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Mike Antonucci

IMO:  my last transmission to you; only to clear up some things:

1.  I did not say I was a "resident expert" anywhere, at any forum.

2.  I HAVE agreed you have a problem with your Pogoplug.

3.  I TOLD you I did not know the email address of the CEO, and I was inferring what his email address might be, based upon the way I know that all their email addresess have the suffix @cloudengines.com  AND, I know you tried to email him but the emails failed delivery.  BUT, you have not yet contacted him; you only tried.

4. Since you say, "As for writing a physical snail mail letter, not happening."  Guess it won't, although any reasonable person would do this very thing if they really wanted to contact someone.

April 12, 2013 23:38