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Drive P: not present in Windows Explorer when computer awakes from sleep mode

David F
posted this on September 12, 2012 21:00

When my Lenovo Z570 laptop awakes from sleep mode, Drive P: is no longer present in Windows Explorer. In order to get it back, I can restart the computer, or alternately, go through a sequence like this: Launch Pogoplug Backup from the Start menu, then select File -> Preferences -> Pogoplug Drive, and then toggle Pogoplug Drive from ON to OFF, and then back to ON. Is this normal for build Can't something be done to prevent Drive P: from disappearing on awakening from sleep mode?



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I just downloaded the latest version of Pogo Backup and I'm experiencing the same problem as David describes. I have to reboot or toggle the Pogo Drive button and the Drive comes back. I have been using Pogo for years and never experienced this issue. Something changed in the latest release.
September 13, 2012 18:18
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Heughebaert christiaan
Bello, I experience THE Same problem ! Wat is the solution ? A bypass should be to set the status to active with ONE statemant like "www.pogoplug.com/signin#u=userid,p=password,settings?wfs?status=active" !! Who can setup the exact statement ?
September 15, 2012 06:55
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David L

I've always had this issue :(  - Pogo doesn't reconnect after hibernation.  Reported it loads of times to no avail.

September 17, 2012 05:18
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Don Baldwin

I have and am having the same problem after hibernation. It functions properly after sleep. It turns back on if I open up PP Backup and go to preferences. It then automatically signs me back in and starts the P: drive. I will report the issue as well.

September 25, 2012 17:46
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Mike Antonucci

Whenever any of my PP drives do not show, I right-click on the Pogoplug Backup icon in the tray, and then click on Reload Pogoplug drives, all while looking at (My) Computer and they all re-appear.  There are likely many reasons why drives disappear from view from time to time, and this fixes problems quickly.  The other day this did not fix things, and I checked the drive on the PP, and it somehow got screwed up, so I had to eject and reinstall drive to PP unit.  ( BTW, I just put myWin 7 laptop into sleep mode and later woke it up.  All PP drives still showed after the experience.  (Not saying this is not happening to others; but this test did not cause any problem for me.)

October 15, 2012 15:41
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Don Baldwin


I don't have the problem after Sleep, only Hibernation. Either way, this should not be the case.

October 15, 2012 21:25
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Mike Antonucci

Don, apologies for my mix-up of Hibernation/Sleep modes.  Nonetheless, and fyi, I just put my Win 7 HP laptop into hibernation mode.  I woke it a few minutes later, and once it was all booted again, I checked in the (my) Computer icon I have on my desktop and all my network drives were exactly where they were before; all showing up; including the 2 drives I have attached to the V4 Pogoplug.  I played a music track from one of the drives.  No problemo.  It appears I haven't a problem with this, and I am sorry to know you and some others, do.  Perhaps checking into the settings of the hibernation mode of the laptop might help?  Who knows.  From my perspective, it does not appear to be a Pogoplug-caused issue.  I am also hard-wired to the home network throughout our house; maybe if I was using wireless I would experience a problem.  Again, who knows!

October 15, 2012 23:06
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Don Baldwin


I hear what your saying. It very well could the hibernation function on my laptop being the problem. I will install it on another laptop and see how it behaves. I'm glad it is working for you. Hopefully I and everyone else having this problem will find a solution to our problem. Thanks.

October 16, 2012 13:03
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Mike Antonucci

Don,  so continuing on with my adventures with Sleep and Hibernation. . . So, last night, before I went to sleep, I put the laptop into sleep mode.  Woke me and the PC back up in the morning. A few times today, I accessed some media on my Pogoplug drive via my media player down at the TV. No problems.   It was not until later on that I checked into My Computer and saw that the two drives on my PP were not showing up; although the cloud drive and other PCs connected to PP showed.  So, it seems tha sleep mode made both my drives disappear.  I just had Pogoplug Backup reload all drives and everything showed up.  Not a big deal.  What WOULD be a big deal to me is if I tried to reload the drives and the missing ones did not show back up.  I consider this all a minor inconvenience, and not a fault with Pogoplug.  The problems could all rest with Windows; as most of us know, it sure as heck is not perfect!  Pogoplug has plenty of bigger problems, and this is just not in that group.

October 16, 2012 21:43
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Well, I am seeing this problem too and toggling the drive on/off setting or reloading the drives is not working.  The only way this seems to remedy itself is if I reinstall the backup software.  Obviously this is not acceptable.

As far as having to do ANYTHING to have the drive reappear, why is that not a pogoplug software issue?  I have IP connectivity, the pogoplug UI is responding.  To me this is clearly a pogoplug software issue.  You should not have to do anything to have the drive function when you come from sleep/hibernation.  I had a Seagate NAS before this, and I mapped it once with Windows and never had to do anything ever again.  I just got the series 4 and this or any of the behaviors described in this thread are unacceptable to me.

October 21, 2012 12:42
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Jay Wells

I too am experiencing this with WinXP.  Seems that there are enough customers experiencing this problem that it warrants a fix (i.e. not to pass it off as "user's hardware/OS")

Come on PogoPlug--wake up!  And fix this bug.

November 13, 2012 20:22
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I have had this problem for years with Windows 7 and always had to either reload the drive or exit and restart the Pogoplug software. With the latest release, 5.1.6, it is now worse because neither reloading the drive or restarting the software will bring the mapped drive back.  I have to restart my system in order to have the mapped drive after the computer has gone to sleep.  I have considered signing up for the Pogoplug cloud drive service, but am not willing to risk it if the PC application can't even keep the drive mapped through computer sleep.

I'm willing to be a beta tester for possible solutions, can someone please fix this?

December 14, 2012 10:33
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Joe Schulte

I also have the loss of the pogoplug drive. WTF? How can something be sold as a solution for making things available when you aren't there if you have to reboot to gain access? It is a big deal.

December 19, 2012 07:35
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David L

Everyone has this issue.  Pogo seem incapable of solving it.  Post issue on their FB page.

December 19, 2012 11:53
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Mike Antonucci

Well, not "Everyone has this issue".  Thank goodness, I don't.  So, if some do and some don't have the problem, maybe there is some sort of incompatibility with certain pogos and certain drives. 

So for comparison purposes, my pogo system consists of a Win 7 (64bit) HP dv7 laptop, circa 2009, a Series 4 plug, with two 1TB , USB 3.0, Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex drives attached to plug's USB ports.  Before adding the Segate drives, I used a Hitachi laptop drive in an Acomdata enclosure.  Worked fine. Since setting it up,  I have recently upgraded the network from a wirelessG Linksys to an ASUS gigabit dual band router, and also replaced the network switches with gigabit models.  Either way, the network hardware had no effect on what works and what doesn't -- it's just a lot faster. All wired in throughout house. Comcast is ISP (Blast service).

The two drives have an adjustable sleep mode (set at default of 5 mins) and they just start up again on demand.  When I put the laptop into sleep mode overnight, and wake it up in the morning, the PP drives don't show, so I hit Reload Pogoplug drives, and all is well again.

Yes, it all works for me the way it is supposed to, so if yours doesn't, evaluate your system components for some clues.

December 19, 2012 16:04
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Jay Wells

Wow Mike.  Let me be the first to congratulate you on your super-awesome setup.  Love hearing about all the equipment, even though more than half of that wasn't necessary to share PP-relevant specs.

So after your Win 7 system awakes from sleep mode, the PP drives don't show?  Well then!  Welcome to the club.  That's what this topic is about--and you my friend are experiencing one of the symptoms.

I see you've pointed out Cloud Engine's work around--a little (if at all) documented option buried in the tiny nav when someone thinks to right-click on the system tray icon.  Brilliant.

Would I consider this a solution?  (See how I've already decided that the "dropped drive" behavior is a bug that needs fixing?  It's certainly not a feature, Mike.)

Mike:  Yes, everything can be improved upon.  No shame in that.  It's how a company addresses these opportunities that determines how successful it will be.

Cloud Engines:  Listen to your loyals.  We love the PogoPlug product.  We take the time to point out how it can be even better.

1) Provide better documentation about the product overall. FAQs and community forums don't replace proper use documentation.

2) Regarding this issue-- A: Acknowledge it in the FAQ and forums and B: overcommunicate the solution you've provided. Don't assume everyone knows about it. I didn't.  And C: please continue working on a solution to the bug.

Remember: how a company responds to the advice, urgings, and challenges of its customers will determine how the customers will regard it (and whether we will recommend it to others.)

December 19, 2012 16:30
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Mike Antonucci

Jay, thanks for your congrats comment.  Agree, I do experience one of the dropped drive symptoms, but with one big exception -- when I click on Reload Pogoplug drives -- it works.  Too bad it doesn't for everyone, and I tried to help here in some way.  I think the reason the Reload Pogoplug drives is an option is because (and I mentioned it before up above) it could be something inherent with Windows that makes virtual drives disappear, and it's good that we have this "feature" with Backup.  Agree, good PP documentation is sorely lacking. 

December 20, 2012 00:58
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David L

The point is - why should we have to manually reload the drives when the computer comes back from hibernation / sleep?  This *should* be automatic, as it is will all other drive mapping systems.  The problem is compounded when sometimes the Pogo software won't even reload even when asked, but that doesn't escape the issue that it should be automatic.

December 20, 2012 01:25
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Mike Antonucci

Agree, reload PP drive ought to be automatic.  But, this doesn't help folks who still can't see the drives after the reload.  This appears to be another issue aflicting some, but not all of us.

December 20, 2012 10:56
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John Smith Jr.

The only way I can get PP drive to show back up after any of my computers sleep or hibernate is to reboot.  Otherwise it wont show up in My Computer or in my System Tray either.  This is so annoying and this happens on all of my computers, 2 desktops running Vista and 2 laptops running Windows 7.  I wish they would fix this issue soon.

December 30, 2012 22:11
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Mike Antonucci

Hmm, how do you know the program is still running?  If it is still running and you see it in the tray, kill it in the tray.  Try to restart it manually.  Make a shortcut from the actual ppbrowser.exe so you can easily restart without rebooting.

December 30, 2012 23:43
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Cloud Engines, Inc.

Hi All, 

Thank you for your comments. This issue with Windows 7 is known and we are working on a fix. Thank you for your patience.



January 10, 2013 15:25
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Abhijit Devasthale

How did they even release the software with this bug in it?  Don't they have basic QA capabilities?  And why is it taking so long to fix this (over 6 months)?  It seems like this company is losing the original vision of NAS solution and only looking for revenue stream via Cloud Backup.

February 28, 2013 15:26
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Brent Avery

Hi guys and gals. Well, like you I have been waiting for a fix for this problem for quite a while, but just discovered a work-around that seems reliable. Tested this in Windows 8 but should work in Windows 7. This involves creating two tasks in the Task Scheduler:

1. Open Task Scheduler

2. Create New Task

3. Under General Tab, name it whatever (I named mine Pogoplug Drive Reload 1) and check off "Run with highest privileges"

4. Under Triggers tab, hit "New", then under "Begin the task:" choose "On an event".

5. Under "Log:", choose "System".

6. Under "Source:" choose "Power-Troubleshooter"

7. Under "Event ID:" type 1. This is an event that Windows logs every time the computer wakes from sleep or hibernate.

8. Make sure there is a check next to "Enabled". Hit OK.

9. Under Actions tab, hit "New" and browse to wherever Pogoplug is installed and double click on ppbrowser.exe.

10. Under "Add arguments" type --shutdown. Hit OK.

11. Under Settings tab, make sure the following are checked: "Allow task to be run on demand"; "Run task as soon as possible..."; "Stop task if..."; and "If the running task does not end..."

12. Under "If the task is already running..." choose "Stop the existing instance". Hit OK.

13. Repeat steps 2 through 12 for second task, except for the following:

14. Name it something else (obviously)

15. When creating the trigger, this time make sure "Delay task for:" is also checked and set it to 2 seconds.

16. When creating the action, replace the --shutdown argument with --starthidden.

That's it! Should work for you now until they come out with an official fix.

March 10, 2013 12:25
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Brent Avery

Ok, so doesn't work as well as I expected since Windows doesn't always launch the two tasks in the same order. Initially, it seemed necessary to create two seperate tasks since I could find no reliable batch file command to wait a particular number of seconds. But since then I discovered that a vbscript can do this in one go. So scratch my first post and do this instead:

1. Open notepad and copy/paste the following into it (using your own appropriate path to ppbrowser.exe):

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.Run """C:\Program Files (x86)\PogoplugBackup\ppbrowser.exe"" --shutdown"
WScript.sleep 2000
WshShell.Run """C:\Program Files (x86)\PogoplugBackup\ppbrowser.exe"" --starthidden" ,7

2. Save and name the file to whatever you want. Once saved, you will need to rename it with the extension .vbs, not .txt, and move it to a location of your choosing.

3. Open Task Scheduler

4. Create New Task

5. Under General Tab, name it whatever and check off "Run with highest privileges"

6. Under Triggers tab, hit "New", then under "Begin the task:" choose "On an event".

7. Under "Log:", choose "System".

8. Under "Source:" choose "Power-Troubleshooter"

9. Under "Event ID:" type 1. This is an event that Windows logs every time the computer wakes from sleep or hibernate.

10. Make sure there is a check next to "Enabled". Hit OK.

11. Under Actions tab, hit "New" and browse to wherever you placed the above vbs file and double-click it.

12. Under Settings tab, make sure the following are checked: "Allow task to be run on demand"; "Run task as soon as possible..."; "Stop task if..."; and "If the running task does not end..."

13. Under "If the task is already running..." choose "Stop the existing instance". Hit OK.

NOW it should work as expected until they come out with an official fix.


March 11, 2013 11:31
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Thanks David for posting your workaround. I'll give it a whirl.

To Cloud Engines: I've used Pogoplug since the v1 hardware. As a consumer, I'm generally happy. I love being able to have my own managed cloud with a mix of local and remote storage, and while I don't appreciate the massive service/feature changes over the years (collaboration, Pogoplug PC licensing, etc), I understand that selling a box at retail once doesn't pay the bills for ongoing infrastructure required to maintain what the box does. I've always looked at Cloud Engines like a scrappy startup and haven't minded the problems all that much. Now that there's a push into the business sector I expected better service and reliability for Pogoplug Team, but sadly that isn't the case. Something as core as the drive and sync app simply cannot be broken in this manner, particularly for as long as it has been. 6 months+ without resolution is simply inexcusable, especially now that Pogoplug Team is being pitched as a business solution. Based on the incompetent reply I just got from support regarding this very issue, I'm not convinced Cloud Engine has what it takes to service business customers.

Look, price is important for business and Team's price for unlimited cloud storage is incredible, but that doesn't matter if it is costing us twice as much in employee support and time dealing with these problems. Right now, it's cheaper for us to pay twice as much o a competitor for something that works right.

Get it fixed. And while you're at it, get intelligent support agents trained to interact with IT professionals.The next time a support agent asks me what web browser I use when I ask them why the companion software chokes every time a laptop resumes from standby, that's the end of our business relationship with Cloud Engines.

March 14, 2013 17:00
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Mike Antonucci

I posted here  PogoplugBackupSetup5.2.0  -- Issues  what I think makes the PP drives disappear and why it happens.  Let me know what you think of my idea in the thread.

April 11, 2013 00:16
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Hi Mike,

I don't think what you're seeing here in your thread is the root issue. Many on our team, for example, don't have a pogo connected to a local disk - just cloud and team folders. Resuming a W7 PC from standby or hibernate will fail to reconnect to the pogo account. In your example, you were shutting down the PP client and restarting. That works for our issue, too, as does toggling the switch in the app or selecting "Reload all drives." Our real issue is that for this to be a reliable backup solution, the sync app needs to reliably reconnect when a PC resumes from sleep or hibernate, and it simply doesn't. So if it goes unnoticed, there can be a good while the app isn't syncing, putting data at jeopardy. I wouldn't even mind using another tool to handle the sync, but even that won't work since the backup app is required to manage the connection to the service as a whole, and that is what's failing.

Our team has internally decided that pogo has until the end of May to fix this, or we're dropping them for a more reliable (albeit more expensive) cloud storage service. I'll continue to use it personally; it works fine for that, but if something so critical like maintaining a connection to the service isn't reliable, then this isn't a real business solution.

Please Pogo team, fix it. Why is that so hard?

April 19, 2013 09:38
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Mike Antonucci

I'll have to say, I never thought of Pogoplug as a "business solution" and was flabergasted when I learned Cloud Engines took this route in their strategy.  It's a perfect example of "not ready for prime time".  I like PP, as a TOY, one that I use to keep COPIES (not backups) of my media, expressly so I can stream the media to my iPad. -- all for fun.   Unlike a business need, this is not a mission-critical situation for me.

Their support service has a lot to be desired.  Many times, I have gotten pretty good support, but the reply to the last support ticket I sent in this past week, was terrible, and I wrote back to the support person: 

"my issue was not about the rate or speed of download, it was about the fact that neither of us could STREAM the videos in the browsers and view them (but we could only download them)!  Please go back and read the thread, and try to STREAM them yourself from the links we both gave.  Everything you told me below is totally irrevalent to the issue!"

Their support people are based in Israel, which I consider a problem.; their support should be based in the US. 

This forum is hardly monitored by Cloud Engines admins or their support people anymore.  A pathetic situation.

I am just glad I do not rely on their products and support for a business.

April 19, 2013 11:17